Club Officers

A high-functioning club cannot run without a team of dedicated leaders. Executive Committee officers are elected by the members of the club for six-month terms. Our club officers for July 1 – December 31, 2019 are:

President: Dari Mackenzie

With 22 years in real estate, construction and design, Dari Mackenzie is currently working as a Project Facilitator, for clients who are building or remodelling their homes. She's been a proud member of 90210 since 2009. This is her second round as President and she has formerly served as an Area Director; 90210 VPoE and Mentor Director. Dari is also, currently, mentoring a new Toastmasters Club - Beverly Hills Social Club.

As Club President, Dari presides over Club meetings and the Executive Committee, guides the Club in carrying out its mission and insures that all Club activities are in accordance with Toastmasters International guidelines. She also attends and votes in District Business meetings. The president sets the tone for the entire club through preparation, conducting well-run meetings and providing leadership whenever required.

The President, along with the entire executive committee, shares the responsibilities to deliver a positive member experience, achieve goals, drive membership growth and look for future leaders.

VP of Education and Mentorship Director: Alexander Denk

VP of Public Relations: Michael Tanenbaum

VP of Membership: Li Xin

Secretary: Shan Gordon

Treasurer: Angie Torres

Sergeant-at-Arms: Peter Prins

“I'm so impressed – you speak so well!”

— A recent visitor to our club